The Co-operative Movement in Tripura started in the year 1949 and has gone through many ups and downs over the period of 57 years of its journey. The movement acquired a comprehensive character with the enactment of Tripura Co-operative Societies Act 1974 and the Tripura Co-operative Societies Rules 1976.

Tripura is situated in the remotest corner of the country under North Eastern region and connected with rest part of India through almost hilly terrain; In Tripura 2- tier system of co-operative movement is followed i.e. State level & Pry. Level. The dominant sector of the Co-operative movement in the state comprises Agri. Credit Societies i.e. LAMPS,PACS, FSS Marketing, Fisheries and Weavers societies. The co-operative movement in Tripura encroaches the economic activities with special focus on the economically backward classes including Tribal section of people.
It is a fact that because of late introduction of the movement in the state, comparied to most of the other State in India which started in the year 1904, in the Co-operative movement in Tripura itself is yet to come at per in shape and coverage. Besides this, the geographical isolation of the state from the rest of the country has posed many stumbling blocks in its growth and development. During the a span of last 7(seven) year, many steps have been initiated for streamlining the activities of the Co-operatives forwarding it in a better form.