Basically the Government of Tripura took the initiative for organising Co-operative societies and the first co-operative society named SWASTI S.S. Ltd under Kanchanpur Sub-Division was registered in the year 1949 for refugee settlement, in a systematic way. The Govt. of Tripura through the Department of Co-operation has been making all out efforts for improving management, extending consultancy as well as financial support in various ways to different societies with a view to ameliorating the socio-economic conditions of the members. The statutory powers of Registrar co-operative societies have been delegated in some cases as per the provision of TCS Act and Rules to the field officers for better management of the societies in a transparent way. Co-operative societies are managed democratically as per provisions of co-operative societies Act & Rules framed by the Government.

The major area of concern of the Directorate of Co-operation:-
Registration of Co-operative Societies under T.C.S. Act, 1974
Registration of Societies under Societies Registration Act,1860
Undertaking audit of accounts of all societies
Conduct of inspection and enquiry of the coop. Societies
Conduct of Election of the Board of Directors of Coop. Societies
To decide dispute case and winding up the co-operative societies through  Liquidation and to constitute co-operative tribunal for appeals , review and revision
Collection of Annual Returns from the coop. Societies within the stipulated time frame
Amendment of Bye laws of coop. Societies, if necessary.
Extending financial assistance in various forms to the Coop. Societies through state plan and other schemes such as NCDC, NABARD etc.

Extending manpower support to coop. Societies by way of deputing departmental staff and other officers on selection basis. But, in case of Short Term Cooperative Credit Societies (STCCS), deputations of Govt. employees have been restricted due to the implementation of the Revival Package for STCCS which is inforce. The department has initiated process for withdrawal of the already deputed departmental staff from the Short Term Cooperative Credit Societies in a phased manner.

The Department of Co-operation contributes share capital to the LAMPS, PACS, PMCS, TAMCS, TSCCF, TCARDB, ACUB and other co-operatives for strengthening the business activities of the societies. But, as a result of the Implementation of the Revival Package for STCCS, a restriction has been imposed upon in regards to the Govt. equity participation to the Short Term Cooperative Societies in the shape of Share Capital not exceeding 25% of the total paid up share capital.


In addition to this, managerial subsidy has been given to the LAMPS & PACS, PMCS and others Cooperatives in order to meet the administrative cost of the societies. Tripura State co-operative Union is the only recipient of grant-in-aid for imparting training to the Govt. officials, co-operators, management bodies and staff of the co-operatives and also for conducting seminars, exhibition and co-operative education classes. Besides the Department of Cooperation provides financial assistance on the three component viz share capital, working capital and subsidy to the select operative societies of women & weaker sections on receipt of fund under Central Sector Scheme (CSS).