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Bronze Objects

Buddha (Bronze)

1. Buddha : Circa 9th-10th Cent A.D.

Siva Parvati (Bronze)

2. Siva Parvati : 9th-10th cent A.D.
Stone Objects

Bhairava (Stone)

3. Bhairava : 12th cent, Sonamura, Tripura

Buddha (Stone)

4. Buddha : 10th cent, Pilak, Tripura

Uma - Maheswar (Stone)

5. Uma-Maheswar : 11th cent, Udaipur, Tripura
Stone Plaque (Dashavatara Panel)

Kalki Avatar (Stone Plaque)

6. Kalki Avatar : 18th cent, Radhanagar, Tripura

Kurma Avtar (Stone Plaque)

7. Kurmavatar : 18th cent, Radhanagar, Tripura

Krishna (Stona Plaque)

8. Krishna : 18th cent, Radhanagar, Tripura

Kinnar (Terracotta)

9. Kinnar : 18th cent, Pilak, Tripura

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